Anavar: The Medical History of this muscle building peptide


Oxandrolone, commonly known as Anavar, helps to promote weight gain, depending on the situation. When you take the medication, it offsets the protein catabolism brought about by corticosteroid therapy. It will be possible to support recovery for patients suffering from bone pain and severe burns in the process. Anavar, which is taken orally, helps deal with Turner’s syndrome in girls.

When a patient consumes Anavar, they will experience some side effects. We are going to look into the side effects further within this article. Nonetheless, we will mention the primary side effects, including increased hair growth, acne presence, increased sexual desire, and voice changes.

Anavar was first introduced to the market in 1962. In 1964, it was availed for medical use. The drug has been used for a prolonged period in the U.S. Besides being used for medical purposes, Oxandrolone helps to improve performance and physique. In most nations, the drug is in the form of a controlled substance.

The Medical Uses

Oxandrolone is usually prescribed as a treatment option for different medical conditions. The drug has also been approved by the FDA (Food and drug administration).

The medication aids in weight gain after undergoing surgery, treating bone pain, and bringing an end to the catabolic effect. In 2016, medical practitioners began to prescribe the medication to patients who had severe burns since it could help to hasten the recovery process. Girls with Turner Syndrome can also take Anavar since it aids in the development process. The medication can also help in counteracting HIV/AIDS. Other ailments that can be treated through Anavar include anemia, idiopathic short stature, hereditary angioedema, hypogonadism, and alcoholic hepatitis.


Researchers have also established that Oxandrolone can be administered to patients with idiopathic stature, but it cannot increase their height as adults. With that as the case, it has been replaced by growth hormones. The doses administered are also low compared to the amount of Oxandrolone given to patients with severe burns. The low doses help to decrease the likelihood of premature maturation and virilization.

Non-medical Uses

Athletes and bodybuilders can use Anavar since it helps to build the muscles. The medication is more anabolic, which means it is suitable for women and individuals after a less intense steroid regimen. Anavar’s hepatotoxicity is also low compared to other medication forms in the AAS (androgen and anabolic steroid) category.

The Health Benefits Associated with Anavar

The oxandrolone medication comes in handy for people who want to gain or regain the weight. Some medical conditions may cause someone to lose weight unexpectedly, including chronic infection, surgery, and trauma. The decision to regain weight is a personal choice, and you should consult your doctor before you start taking Oxandrolone. Patients who have suffered from the bone loss may experience bone pain. The Oxandrolone can help to relieve the bone pain.

The Side Effects of Oxandrolone

After a woman consumes Oxandrolone, there is a high likelihood they will experience virilization. They may also develop some masculine features such as hirsutism, voice deepening, male-pattern hair loss, clitoral enlargement, and menstruation abnormalities. When such features develop, they cannot be reversed. When Oxandrolone is administered in children, it may hinder their growth. Their height may also decrease.

Because of the side effects that Oxandrolone has on children and women, it is administered in lower doses. The medical practitioners will also monitor each patient for growth abnormalities and virilization. Oxandrolone can also cause acne. As for men, prolonged and unwanted erections may be one of the side effects. Fertility in males may also be affected.

The testosterone production usually decreases to compensate for the increase in the exogenous growth hormones in the body. Gonadotropic activity in the body may also be affected.

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Recommended Dosage

The medication should be consumed orally two to four times a day. The prescription is given by the doctor, depending on a variety of factors. In case you experience a stomach upset, you should take the medication with milk or food.

The doctor will first look into the medical condition you are suffering from and how you respond to treatment before recommending the dosage. Use the Oxandrolone and ensure you are reaping the most benefit. It is advisable to take the medication at the same time daily. For instance, if you take the medication two times a day, you can take it at 12-hour intervals. The drug is also meant for short-term treatment.

When Anavar is misused, it may cause side effects such as stroke, heart diseases, mental problems, liver disease, improper bone growth, and you may start abnormally seeking drugs. It would help if you did not increase the dosage or use the medicine longer than the doctor’s prescription. When you misuse Oxandrolone, some of the withdrawal symptoms that you will experience include tiredness, irritability, and depression after you have stopped using the Oxandrolone. The symptoms will last for a few weeks or even months.

If your condition is not improving or is worsening, inform your doctor, and they will look into the matter.

Who Should Take It?

Anavar is specifically suited to maintaining and increasing muscle mass in:

  • Aging people
  • People with HIV
  • Clinical catabolic disorders
  • Trauma after surgery
  • Hepatitis patients
  • People with severe burns


Before you start taking Oxandrolone, you should inform the doctor about any allergies that you may have. You may also be allergic to the medication itself. Feel free to give these details to the doctor. Anavar may contain some inactive ingredients that may also cause some allergic reactions. Your pharmacist may be in a position to offer subtle guidance.

If you are suffering from certain medical conditions, you should not consume Oxandrolone. Before you take medicine, notify the medical practitioner if you are suffering from the following conditions: prostate cancer, breast cancer in men, and mineral imbalance (high levels of calcium in the blood).

Before the doctor administers the medication, they should peruse through the medical history of each patient. The doctor should be on the lookout for heart diseases (such as chest pains, heart failure, heart attack), kidney problems, liver problems, different types of cancer, with the main focus being on prostate and breast cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, breathing issues, diabetes, and enlarged prostate.

For patients with diabetes, Oxandrolone will lower blood sugar levels. Make sure you are checking your blood sugar levels regularly. Always share the results with the doctor. Some of the low blood sugar symptoms include shaking, sudden sweating, hunger, fast heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, and tingling feet. The doctor may adjust the patient’s diet and diabetes medication.

If you are unable to walk for some time while using Anavar, inform your doctor. The doctor will check on your blood calcium levels and ensure no more problems will occur.

Caution should be exercised when administering Anavar to the seniors since they may be at greater risk of liver/prostate problems. Their legs/arms may also swell.

Some caution should be exercised for children since one of the side effects may include affecting bone growth. In the process, the child may fail to attain a suitable adult height. When administering the treatment, the doctor will be on the lookout for bone development and general growth.

Pregnant women should not use the medication since it may cause harm to the unborn child. If you are pregnant or there is a likelihood that you are pregnant, kindly notify your doctor. In case you need some guidance on birth control, the medical practitioners will be ready to offer subtle guidance on the matter.

Anavar usually passes into breast milk and affects milk production, affecting the nursing infant. It’s therefore not recommended to use Anavar when breastfeeding. Make sure you consult with your doctor if you must take Oxandrolone when breastfeeding.

Interactions with Anavar

The medical practitioner should be aware of some of the possible drug interactions, and they should monitor everything. Stick to the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Also, do not start using any drugs before liaising with the doctor.

Before using Oxandrolone, make sure you have notified the doctor of the non-prescribed and prescribed drugs you are using. Such information is important since the medication may interfere with some lab tests, including the thyroid function tests. Failure to issue such information may bring about false test results. The doctors and laboratory personnel should be aware of the drugs you are using to avoid confusion.


After looking into the basics revolving around Oxandrolone’s use, you may wonder what happens when you have overdosed on the medication. When you overdose on Oxandrolone, you may have trouble breathing, and you may pass out. In such an instance, contact 911 immediately. The patient can also be taken to a poison control center. Such an issue should be mitigated within the shortest time possible.

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