The 3 Best Nootropics For Dementia To Buy in 2021


Nootropics were initially developed as a potential combatant of cognitive decline due to age or disease. Dementia, a degenerative neurological condition, is one of the most common causes of cognitive decline in the aging population. Because of this, those with some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, are often chosen to participate in nootropic studies.

While nootropics do not claim to cure dementia, there has been positive evidence from various clinical trials that note a stark improvement in cognitive function in those who suffer from such diseases when taking a nootropic. These trials indicate that nootropics improve memory, repair synapses lost to the disease, and protect the brain from future degeneration. These benefits can be obtained by most nootropics, but some work better than others.

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro’s nootropic supplement is hailed as a Universal Nootropic that works to improve every neurological pathway, from memory and mindset to performance and structural integrity. It combines the well-known nootropic brain enhancement with structural nourishment for the best overall brain health.

mind lab pro

Benefits: With its combination of 11 different cognition supporting ingredients, the Universal Nootropic from Mind Lab Pro provides immediate and long-term cognitive improvement and health for individuals suffering from dementia. Some potential benefits of the nootropic include,

– Enhancement of neurological cell regeneration and repair with Citicoline.
– Improved brain plasticity for better learning and memory recall with Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom.
– Improve memory and support new brain cell creation with Phosphatidylserine.

Recommended Dosage: The beginner dose of Mind Lab Pro’s Universal Nootropic is two capsules in the morning or early afternoon, taken alongside the first meal of the day. With this dose, cognitive improvements can be noted within two weeks. Faster results can be obtained after the body gets used to the supplement by increasing the dosage up to four capsules a day.


Neuroscientists developed NooCube’s Brain Productivity supplement to provide individuals with the highest quality cognitive enhancement possible. Ingredients used in the supplement are supported by years of scientific research and intense testing to guarantee the best combination of herbal supplements and amino acids for neurological health.

Benefits: All seven ingredients found in NooCube’s Brain Productivity supplement have shown great potential in improving overall cognitive functions while also increasing protection against free radicals and oxidative stress that can further harm the brain. Other potential benefits of the nootropic include,

– Improvement of both behavioral and cognitive symptoms of dementia with Alpha GPC.
– Enhanced memory recall and learning performance with Huperzine-A.
– Improvement in cognitive flexibility with L-tyrosine.

Recommended Dosage: The standard dosage associated with NooCube’s Brain Productivity supplement will allow the cognitive benefits of it to be felt within 30 – 45 minutes of taking it. These effects can last up to 8 – 10 hours, and they should be taken in the morning with the first meal of the day. For a beginner, two capsules of the supplement should be taken a day. Individuals who are more experienced can take up to four capsules in a day to provide a more potent boost.

Performance Lab – Mind

The Mind supplement from Performance Lab is an all-around nootropic that enhances memory and cognitive performance while supporting the brain during stressful times. Performance Lab aims to develop potent and effective supplements with few ingredients as possible.

Benefits: The Mind supplement’s combined ingredients promote increased neural regeneration a healthy neural structure, both of which have been linked to memory recall ability in individuals. Other noted benefits of the supplement include,
– Increased production of new brain cells and improved neural plasticity that leads to better memory with the fat Phosphatidylserine.
– Enhance overall cognitive performance and mental processing during stressful conditions with L-Tyrosine.
– Increased blood flow to and from the brain supports the delivery of micronutrients and antioxidants, enhancing cognitive health and cell regeneration with Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

Recommended Dosage: The standard dosage recommendation of the Performance Lab’s Mind supplement is one capsule, taken daily with a meal. It is encouraged to take the supplement in the morning in order to benefit from its effects throughout the day. It is a fat-soluble supplement and should be taken with milk or MCT oil to better aid in its absorption.

Overall, nootropics have exhibited beneficial effects in individuals with dementia and those who want to protect against it. While the best supplement is different for each individual, those above come highly recommended with science-backed results and numerous benefits.


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