Golden Monk: is this a reliable kratom vendor?


Golden Monk is a relatively new Kratom vendor. The company was established in 2016 in Canada. Since then, the company has moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. The company claims to have an edge over the majority of its competition due to providing the highest quality kratom strains currently available. The basis of this claim is the comprehensive analysis the compounds pass before being sold on the market. This is extremely important regarding the properties of each individual strain.

If the alkaloid content is too low, the product will be weak and not especially useful. When purchasing kratom online skepticism is important. The vendor must be reliable and trustworthy for the products offered. The Golden Monk has positive benefits and reviews impossible to ignore. Numerous customers have been satisfied with the products and services provided.

The Available Kratom Products

The online vendor offers a good selection of items hard to find through other vendors. This includes the kratom capsules so many vendors do not offer. One of the rarest products is kratom powder made using the CBD hemp flower. Finding this product with any online vendor is rare, but it is always in stock with this vendor in several different varieties and prices. The reasons this item is special are the anti-inflammatory and sedating properties and the ability to relieve or eliminate pain.

The product does not contain any THC. This means any adverse side effects are little to nothing. There are six general categories of kratom strains offered for sale. These are:

  • CBD Hemp Flower Kratom
  • White Vein Kratom
  • Red Vein Kratom
  • Kratom capsules
  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom

Among the above categories, the company includes a wide variety of different subcategories. Each individual customer chooses the strain they believe meets their specific needs the best. Every strain is unique due to the benefits offered by each one. The Golden Monk makes certain information is provided to educate consumers regarding the typical effects of the available strains. To help customers purchase the best strain for their needs, the company has a 100g sample pack.

This package includes four different packs of 25g kratom strains the customer can choose from. This enables the customer to try the different varieties to determine their individual reactions. The company also offers a Beginner’s Pack. This includes three 100g packs totaling 300g. The customer can choose the packs they prefer.

The Product Line

The company offers a fairly large selection of products including different strains, sample packs and capsules. The kratom is available in different forms. There are 30 different products available including kratom powder, supplements and supplies. The majority of the items include a photo and brand name.

The accessories include an SG-300 spoon scale.

Kratom Dosage

The packages from the Golden Monk are especially for individuals new to kratom and beginners. Low doses are easily monitored to help the individual increase to the appropriate level for the desire effects. Everyone reacts slightly differently to the stains with each one offering a variety of effects. The sampler package enables customers to experiment with different strains until they find the ideal effect.

The kratom available from the Golden Monk is obtained from reputable wholesalers and farmers in Indonesia. These sources are trusted to meet extremely strict guidelines for quality. The products are stringently tested, handled and packaged to be free of contaminants. This means the chance of foreign elements in the products is virtually nonexistent. Customers are purchasing high-quality, pure products with little to no side effects.

The Golden Monk insists all of the products sold are of the highest quality. No product is sold until all required tests are passed showing the kratom meets all of these requirements. The responsibility when using all Golden Monk products is on the customer. Remaining within the recommended dosages is critical. Customers should not indulge in using large quantities. This can result in adverse effects and the potential for developing a dependency.

Customer Service

Customers of the Golden Monk have stated the customer service representatives are friendly, extremely consumer-oriented, eager to help and extremely knowledgeable. Customer service is available through telephone or email. All questions are answered within a period of 24 hours.

Previous customers stated when they did not receive an answer when they called, an immediate call back was received to ensure the issue was taken care of correctly. The Golden Monk has stated their role is taken seriously. The company wants to make certain its customers receive optimal and professional services.

Shipping and Returns

If an order is placed prior to 2:00 p.m. eastern standard time, it will be shipped during the same day. All orders containing 250g product strains or totaling a minimum of $50 will receive free shipping through USPS. The return policy of the Goldeen Monk is one of the best available in the business. Customers receive a 30-day return policy whether or not the package is opened.

The 30 days begins once tracking shows the customer has received their order and not when the order is placed. The fee for return postage is eliminated because a return label is included with every package. According to the company, the average time required for a refund is five days.


The Golden Monk will not process small orders. The minimum kratom order with this company is 250g. This means the cost is roughly $50 for most of the different kratom strains. When a customer orders one kilo or 1,000 capsules, they receive a free sample of 15 capsules. All newcomers are given a free welcome spin on the wheel. Customers can potentially receive a discount of 10 percent.

The loyalty program provides customers with 250 points for opening a new Golden Monk account. For every dollar the customer spends with the company, they will receive 10 points.


The Golden Monk has made product quality critical. A stringent process for quality control is used for all kratom products. The product handling and packaging rooms are GMP certified and climate-controlled. This makes certain all kratom products are free of airborne organisms and all types of particles.

Six different tests are included in the product analysis. These tests encompass numerous aspects including third-party lab testing. The Golden Monk is transparent regarding lab tests. All tests are periodically posted on the official website enabling consumers to see the certificate of analysis.


The official website of the Golden Monk offers an interface with an exceptional layout to make shopping effortless. The categories include vein colors to make certain customers are able to locate their favorite strains both quickly and easily. Customers can also simply click to find the popular kratom capsules. The customer can then choose the quantity and strain they prefer. The website is about a lot more than just buying kratom.

The company has included a lot of educational material on the website in the blog section. This is where other reputable Kratom companies, specific kratom strains, a buyer’s guide for every type of kratom, facts to be considered when making a purchase and the regulations for every individual state are discussed.


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