Masteron: What you should know about this steroid


Masteron is classified as a cutting steroid. It is generally stacked with a variety of different compounds including:

The majority of users are already lean before performing a cycle because the product is exceptional once low body fat is achieved. The recommendation is ensuring body fat is below 12 percent before use to help ensure optimal results. The steroid offers strong effects for hardening muscles and a great appearance once 10 percent of body fat is reached.

The steroid is commonly used to achieve a chiseled physique. Many people also use this steroid to eliminate excess water. This is the reason the product is so popular for bodybuilders and athletes or when preparing for a contest. The steroid has been combined with numerous cutting drugs such as Clenbuterol for a shredded physique. Bodybuilders often use the product for a blast and cruise.

Medical Background

The product is also referred to as Drostanolone Propionate and is a unique androgenic steroid. The history of the steroid is rather interesting due to the variety of applications. The steroid was originally used as an anti-estrogen. Today, the product is used for the improvement of muscle gain and athletic performance. The steroid was originally developed during the 1960s under the Masteril brand.

When Masteron was first prescribed, it was for the improvement of breast cancer. Masteron was also used in combination with other drugs to affect breast cancer antiestrogen ncbl and for anti-estrogen. The product is currently used fairly infrequently for the management of breast cancer. Due to the way the steroid influences the body’s hormonal systems, it is extremely popular among both bodybuilders and athletes.

Since the product was designed as an anti-estrogen, the characteristics can be easily imagined. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is used to derive the compound. The difference is once in the body, it will not convert to estrogen. This process is usually referred to as aromatization. Testerone available for use in the body is called free testosterone and this may be aromatized into estrogen.

The product is believed to affect estrogen in the body by inhibiting a few of the enzymes responsible for aromatization or by coming into direct contact with estrogen. The product is helpful for anyone interested in maintaining optimal free testosterone levels within the body. This steroid is also beneficial for preventing many of the other steroids or compounds known for converting to estrogen for aromatizing.

Health Benefits

There is a wide range of benefits the majority of users experience once they begin using the product for working out. The benefits defined below are the most commonly desired and popular for this product.

The two most desirable benefits of the product are muscle growth and hardening. One of the most obvious effects is an improvement in muscle hardness. This means Masteron is the perfect steroid for both athletes and bodybuilders wanting to develop a better and harder physique. The product has also earned the reputation of making users appear to have a fuller physique. This is accomplished by increasing the density of the muscles.

Despite these benefits, this is not one of the most powerful steroids currently available. Many of the other steroids are more powerful and stronger. The popularity of this product is attributed to the fact users will receive benefits without nearly as many side effects as the stronger steroids. The side effects associated with the product are generally not as severe.

A lot of users have reported a substantial increase in energy levels both when working out at the gym and relaxing at home. The product helps increase metabolism while enhancing the amount of energy produced by the cells.

The steroid is ideal for cutting. Anyone interested in losing excess fat to achieve a harder and more pronounced physique will most likely benefit from using this product. A lot of people are taking this steroid to lost extra pounds as opposed to growing muscle and bulking up.

Side Effects

Before using any type of steroid, it is important to have a complete understanding of the potential side effects. Even though this product does not have nearly as many side effects as the majority of hardcore steroids currently available, there are still risks. All of these risks should be thoroughly considered and evaluated before making a decision as to whether or not the product is beneficial for the specific needs of the user.

There are reasons this product does not have the same side effects and risks associated with the majority of anabolic steroids available on the market. This is partially because the product does not aromatize and offers anti-estrogenic properties. The risk of specific side effects are significantly decreased when this steroid is used including:

  • Extreme increases in blood pressure
  • Gynecomastia or the enlargement of male breast tissue
  • Water retention

There are still some side effects associated with using this product for the long-term including:

Acne can be developed by any user. If the user has experienced acne when taking any of the other androgens or steroids, the risk increases.

Just like with so many other steroids, Masteron can result in testosterone suppression when used excessively. This is because the natural ability of the body to produce testosterone is suppressed. Testosterone production will naturally begin once the user stops taking the product. This can require a couple of weeks or several months.

Emotional control can be lost which is an indication of aggression.

If the user does not inject the steroid correctly, there is a possibility of infection. Ensuring all needles are sterile is extremely important. If possible, injections should be given by a professional.

There is a risk of hair loss which increases if the individual has the potential for male pattern baldness.

Determining the way anyone will react to Masteron is not possible. Since the product is an anti-estrogen the potential side effects are a lot less significant and severe than with the use of more powerful steroids.

Recommend Dosage to Take

Masteron is available in two basic forms. Each dosage is a slightly different compound so there is a difference in dosages. The slower-acting version is called drostanolone enanthate. Due to the slower action, a slightly larger dosage is necessary. The recommended dosage is 200 mg/ml.

The dosage of drostanolone propionate is slightly less than the majority of steroids. The recommended dose is between 50 and 150 mg/ml. The half-life is faster for this version. This means the product will be used, processed and excreted by the body faster. One injection is necessary a minimum of once every two days. No matter which version is used, it must be included in a cycle.

A cycle is when a steroid is taken intermittently with breaks between cycles. This is important for the prevention of both dependence and tolerance. If an individual develops a tolerance for Masteron, more of the steroid will be necessary to achieve the same effects. If the individual continues using the product, they can become dependent. This means the steroid is necessary for testosterone production.

This can be prevented through cycling. It is extremely important to remain aware of all other drugs or steroids being used in conjunction with Masteron. Many of the other steroids have a lot more potency and cycling needs to be more thorough to help prevent the body from becoming dependent. The basic beginner and intermediate Masteron cycles are outlined below.

A typical cycle of the steroid for beginners is when the product is injected a maximum of once every two days. The injection of Masteron enanthate should be a maximum of two times per week. The overall goal of a beginner is a weekly dose not exceeding 300mg when Masterson propionate is being used. When Masteron enanthate is being used, the maximum beginner dosage is between 400 and 600 mg. Neither product should be used for more than a maximum of 30 days at a time.

The intermediate cycle for Masteron propionate is injecting the steroid a maximum of once every two days. The dosage of Masteron propionate should be approximately a weekly maximum of 500 mg. Users of Masteron enanthate should take a dosage between 400 and 600 mg. Neither product should be taken for over a month.

Who Should Take It?

Masteron is a mild steroid offering great effects. Of the two varieties available, the most popular is propionate. This compound is generally used when cutting or preparing for a contest. Users should have a low body weight before using this steroid to help achieve their full potential and optimal results. The product has become very popular among bodybuilders due to the anti-estrogen effects.

The product is very effective for bodybuilding, athletic performance, hardening muscles, decreasing excess water and fat and gaining muscle. The majority of users are either athletes, bodybuilders or individuals interested in losing excess pounds. The best version is dependent on the specific requirements of each user. When the product is used correctly, the majority of users are satisfied with their results.


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