Pure Rawz Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this vendor

Pure Rawz Review

Choosing the best SARMs supplier can be a huge challenge. First, we have dozens of stores out there selling these drugs, and sadly, not all of them are committed to delivering quality products. Some of the SARMs available out there are very weak, which explains why some people complain about SARMs being overrated. In other cases, vendors mix their SARMs with other, more powerful drugs like steroids to make their compounds look more potent. This is a dangerous, unethical approach that can result in severe adverse reactions. 

We also have a hard time determining how good a vendor is due to mixed reviews. This happens when you come across many buyers complaining about the products and another group swearing that the drugs are the best they’ve tried. This usually leaves potential buyers in a perplexed state. One possible way of explaining this is inconsistency, i.e., when a company cannot maintain the quality of its products throughout. Some companies actually use this as a strategy by starting with quality products, securing a decent customer base, and then switching to low-quality drugs to save on their expenses. 

Pure Rawz is one of the many SARMs vendors with mixed reviews. In today’s article, I will take you through all the critical details about this vendor to help you determine whether Pure Rawz is legit or not.


Pure Rawz Overview

Pure Rawz is a US-based store that stocks various bodybuilding supplements and other botanical products. The company has not been around for too long, but they’ve already created quite the buzz. Part of the reason behind this is their commanding social presence. Pure Rawz runs an active Facebook page that helps bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts stay up-to-date on fitness matters. Pure Rawz also has a massive following because they have one of the most diverse product catalogs of any SARMs vendor I have seen so far. Not only do they stock the best SARMs, but they also offer various other research chemicals. They also stock wellness supplements that you wouldn’t normally find in a SARMs store. These include mushrooms, CBD, and Kratom.

Website Layout

The Pure Rawz website design is friendly enough to navigate and find the items you want without any problems. From the homepage, you will see a slider with some information on their Facebook page, which you can join to be part of their community. This is an excellent way of interacting with other fans and finding discounts and coupon codes.

Above the slider, they have categories of all the products they have in stock. Sadly, they don’t have a category for SARMs. Instead, they have sections on Powders, Liquid, and Caps, where you will find the SARMs alongside other research chemicals. By no means is this a deal-breaker, but personally, I would have loved a section dedicated to SARMs for a better shopping experience. 

Fortunately, you can find most SARMs when you scroll down the homepage under “best sellers.” When you move even lower the homepage, you will see some of the recent additions.

Product Selection

Pure Rawz has extensive product selection with different kinds of supplements. However, at the time of writing this, most of their products seemed to be out of stock. This is a huge disappointment but let’s hope that it is just a temporary setback and not a constant thing. 

The company stocks most of the popular SARMs. These include:

  • Ostarine MK2866
  • Ligandrol LGD4033
  • Testolone RAD140
  • Ibutamoren MK677
  • Cardarine GW501516
  • Stenabolic SR9009
  • Andarine S4
  • LGD 3303
  • SR9011
  • S23
  • YK11

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Some SARMs such as Cardarine, Andarine S4, Ostarine, and Ligandrol are available in capsule, powder, and liquid form. This is a good thing as it allows you to get the item you want in the form you want.

Pure Rawz has a section on stacks, which I assume was intended for selling several SARMs in a stack and at a discounted price. Unfortunately, the section is very disappointing as it doesn’t have any of the popular SARMs stacks.

Besides SARMs, Pure Rawz also has a section on Peptides where you will find:

  • Adipotide
  • ACE-031 98%
  • Aicar
  • BPC 157
  • BPC 157/ TB 500
  • AOD 9604
  • CJC 1295 DAC
  • Deslorelin
  • Copper Peptide Powder GHK-Cu 2:1
  • Epithalon

Other research chemicals available in this store are:

  • 6-Paradol
  • Adrafinil
  • AC-262 356
  • Agomelatine
  • Alpha-GPC
  • Aniracetam
  • Citicoline
  • Arimistane
  • Tamoxifen

In addition to the bodybuilding drugs, Pure Rawz also stocks some botanicals. These are:

  • CBD gummies
  • CBD sublingual spray
  • Kratom powder
  • Mushrooms

Sadly, most of the botanicals were out of stock when writing this review.

All in all, I will say that Pure Rawz has one of the best product catalogs of any SARMs store. Not only do they have all the best SARMs, but they also provide them in various forms. That’s very commendable.

Product Quality

You could stock all the best SARMs and sell them at affordable prices, but if the quality is low, then no one would come back to buy from you. Pure Rawz understands the importance of quality products. They have created a page on their website under “Certificates” where you can access the certificate of analysis for most of their research chemicals, including the SARMs. That’s great news, but unfortunately, most of the certificates I saw were from mid-2019. Also, the certificates are for specific SARMs, and not all SARMs have the certificates. I couldn’t find any recent certificates for Ostarine, Ligandrol, or Cardarine, and these are some of the bestselling SARMs. 


Pure Rawz has very competitive prices that compare well even with the best SARMs suppliers like Proven Peptides. They also have lots of discounts that can help you save more cash from your orders. For instance, you will get a 10% discount on the first order you place. You will also receive free shipping (worldwide shipping included) if you spend more than $90. Joining their Facebook group or signing up for their newsletter should also give you accesses to future discounts and coupon codes.

Payment Options

Pure Rawz accepts payments through PayPal and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Sadly, they do not accept credit cards.

Shipping and Return Policy

Pure Rawz orders are usually processed, shipped, and delivered within 6 business days. Some domestic orders can arrive as fast as 2 days after placing your order. This is decent turnaround time. They will email you with tracking information within one day of placing your order.

Pure Rawz does not have the best return policy in the market. First, they accept returns made within just 7-days of receiving your order. Science Bio and Proven Peptides provide 30 and 90-day grace periods, respectively. Also, according to their website, you will only get a refund if the problem is you received the wrong item. Therefore, if you have a different issue, then you probably won’t be getting any refund.

Returns will also be charged 15% restocking fee!

Customer Support

You can reach Pure Rawz through the provided email address and by filling an online electronic form. They usually respond to queries within 24 hours.

Pure Rawz also provides a toll-free number. Not many SARMs suppliers offer phone lines, so that’s a big thumbs up for Pure Rawz.

Final Thoughts

Pure Rawz is definitely not the worst SARMs supplier out there. However, they do have a few issues that may leave you considering your options. For one, their certificates of analysis are not recent. Secondly, their return policy is far from ideal. With that in mind, I’ll say it’s okay to consider trying out some of their products if you don’t mind the two issues highlighted. Otherwise, I’m confident you will have better peace of mind buying from a more reputable vendor.

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  1. I have ordered twice from them with no real issues. I recently switched to Science Bio after reading your review and have to admit this is a better option. Safe to shop at Pure Rawz too, though.


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