Red Malay Kratom: How it helps opioid users in their recovery


Kratom is a naturally grown tree located in Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. The leaves of the kratom tree have been used for centuries in local traditional medicine practices for relief from pain. Kratom leaves were traditionally chewed, boiled for use in tea, or used in cooking. Nowadays, kratom is taken as a herbal supplement to promote relief from depression, anxiety, opioid withdrawal, and pain.

Red malay kratom is a substrain of the red vein kratom strain. There are three main strains of kratom that the different substrains fall under. There is the white vein strain, the red vein strain, and the green vein strain. All these strains have different levels of potency and are best used for various ailments. The red vein strain is the most popular of the three due to the sedative and pain-relieving effects. Unlike the other two strains, red vein kratom does not have the natural stimulant that they have. This makes the red vein strain better for relaxing and relieving anxiety.

Red malay kratom is a red vein strain that grows close to the Malaysian border in Indonesia. It is one of the more popular strains of kratom due to its potency. the herbal supplement provides the most sedation, euphoria, and long-lasting effects of any kratom strain available currently.

Benefits of Red Malay Kratom

The beneficial uses of red malay kratom are still being researched for their legitimacy, and the FDA has not approved of any kratom supplement for use. However, many users that have taken kratom, specifically red malay kratom, report varied improvements in their ailments. The beneficial effects of the herbal supplement are quick to be felt by the user.

The most often seen use of this herbal supplement is for relief from pain. From arthritis and migraine pain to work-related injuries and chronic pain, the herbal supplement has been found by users to make their pain more manageable without the need for opioids. The 7-hydroxymitragynine and the mitragynine pseudoindoxyl abundant in this kratom strain has both stimulating and sedating qualities, combining to create an energetic effect over the body and help provide higher levels of pain relief.

Anxiety and Depression Relief
Red malay kratom provides an increased feeling of relaxation and peace when consumed. The balance of sedating and stimulating qualities in this kratom strain helps to promote a calming effect that helps to lower stress, boost happiness, and raise productivity. The relaxing effects of the herbal supplement does not interfere with response time, focus, or memory, making it a good strain for daily consumption for those with stress, anxiety, or depression.

Sleep Disorder Relief
The herbal supplement promotes relaxation of the muscles in the body while also regulating the body’s heart rate and brain activity. This allows for a more peaceful sleep for most individuals and an increased quality of sleep for those suffering from sleep disorders like parasomnia and insomnia.

How to Use Red Malay Kratom

Red malay kratom can be taken in a variety of ways, much like most strains of kratom. The difference between each mode of consumption determines how quickly the supplement can take effect.

Powder Form
Taking the herbal supplement in its powdered form is the way used most commonly. This is due to it being the fastest way to feel the beneficial effects of the supplement. Individuals taking the herbal supplement this way tend to mix it with water or in a smoothie. Although there are some that take a measured amount by mouth and chew it, only after chewing, do they then take some water to wash it down. These individuals believe that chewing the supplement allows it to break down faster once in the body, speeding up its effects. While this may be the most common form of consumption, many do not enjoy the taste that comes with the herbal supplement.

Capsule Form
The process of taking red malay kratom in a capsule makes it easier to know the proper dosage is being taken, and it keeps the individual from having to taste the supplement. The capsule form of the herbal supplement is also much more portable than the powdered form and can be taken easily when away from the medicine cabinet. While not the most popular mode of consumption, as individuals feel that the capsules take longer take effect, it is the more convenient way favored by many.

How Much Red Malay Kratom is Recommended

The recommended dosage of first time red malay kratom users is very low in order to gauge the body’s reaction to the supplement. The dosage also depends on what the supplement is being used for. Someone taking the herbal supplement for pain will need a larger dose than someone taking it for anxiety.

When taking this herbal supplement for anxiety, tension, stress, or sleep disorders, it is recommended to take four to eight grams to start out with. When taking the supplement for pain relief, eight to nine grams of the herbal supplement is recommended.

Side Effects of Red Malay Kratom

This supplement, as with any, does come with the possibility of side effects. While side effects from taking red malay kratom are not guaranteed, many individuals say they have had no adverse effects from taking it. Erring on the side of caution and starting with the lowest dosage can help to find out how the body is reacting to the supplement.

The side effects can range from mild to moderate in severity. The most common side effects are constipation and nausea, the intensity of which can vary between individuals. Other, less common symptoms are seizures, liver damage, hallucinations, dizziness, itching, muscle tremors, sweating, and dry mouth.


The use of kratom has grown over the past few years, with more strains becoming available for use. Red malay kratom is only one of these strains. It boasts sedative and calming effects that can promote anxiety and pain relief without the spacy feeling associated with typical opioids.



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