S23 SARM : Pro’s & Con’s Analyzed

The subject on which is the most powerful SARM ever created has always been a heated one. Due to the lack of enough human trials on these drugs, we are forced to rely on anecdotal evidence and animal studies, but it’s still so hard to pinpoint the most potent of them. Testolone RAD140, Ligandrol LGD4033, YK-11, and S23 are all known to be extremely powerful, and a good number of bodybuilders believe that S23 is the most potent of them all. The truth is, until there are sufficient clinical trials on SARMs, we’ll never really know which one is the most powerful. What we do know is that they are all extremely powerful, which means they have to be used very carefully to avoid severe adverse reactions.

One problem with S23 is that besides being so potent, it is also fairly unknown. Not many people use it out there, and this a problem because it also limits our knowledge of what the SARM is really capable of. 

What is S23?

S23 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator developed by a pharmaceutical company known as GTX. The drug is still being studied to date for possible medicinal uses. S23 is regarded as one of the most anabolic SARMs on the market. The drug has an extremely high affinity to androgen receptors, where it stimulates rapid muscle growth and fast fat loss. S23 also happens to be one of the most bioavailable SARMs out there. Once ingested, the SARM is quickly and efficiently absorbed, and that’s why it makes a bigger impact on the androgen receptors than most of the other SARMs.

All the data available at the moment shows that S23 is extremely powerful. It is so powerful that its effects, both positive and some negative, have been compared to anabolic steroids. For instance, animal studies showed that the use of S23 resulted in infertility in rats. The scientists reported that the drug caused massive testosterone suppression and reduced sperm count by suppressing luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. This gives you an idea of just how powerful S23 is and how dangerous it can be if not used properly. The good news is the testosterone suppression, and reduced sperm count only lasts as long as one is using the SARM. Your body should resume normal production of testosterone as soon as you get off the drug.

How Does S23 Work?

S23 works like any other SARM to influence muscle growth. The drug has a high affinity to androgen receptors. It binds to the receptors found in the muscle tissues and stimulates rapid muscle growth.

SARMs are also known to interact with the androgen receptors found in the bone tissues. This is how they increase bone mineral density and boost overall bone health. Actually, treatment of bone issues such as osteoporosis and fractures is part of the reason why SARMs were developed in the first place.

What are the Benefits of S23?

  1. Rapid Muscle Growth

The ability of S23 to increase muscle growth can only be compared to anabolic steroids and maybe other powerful SARMs such as RAD140 and YK11. This drug is potent, helping users gain pound after pound of lean muscle mass within insanely short periods.

You could start using this SARM today, and within a week or two, you will start noticing improvements in your lean muscle mass. Of course, you won’t see the full result until you complete the whole cycle.

One good thing about S23 is it gives dry muscle gains with no water retention at all. This is more reason why it makes for a great bulking SARM.

Sadly, due to how powerful S23 is, not everyone can benefit from it. For instance, it’ll be insane to use S23 if you’ve never used SARMs in your life before. The risks are just too high, and they totally outweigh the benefits, so you’re better off using less potent SARMs like Ostarine.

  • Increases Strength

S23 will boost your strength, significantly helping you smash your personal records on the deadlift, bench press, and major lifts. Most users report feeling an increase in strength levels as soon as a few days after starting their S23 cycles. The strength will continue to increase for the next couple of weeks. High strength levels mean faster progress in the gym, which means quicker and better results.

After the cycle, you won’t be able to maintain the same strength levels. This shouldn’t matter a lot, though, provided you make good use of all the strength during your cycle.

  • Increases Endurance and Stamina

S23 increases endurance allowing users to maintain intensive training sessions for a very long time. You won’t be wasting so much time on frequent breaks during training. Again, this helps to speed up your progress in the gym. It is one of the reasons why S23 is an excellent option for athletes preparing for a competition.

  • Improves Recovery

Muscle soreness can leave you on the sidelines for weeks if you are not careful. This is time you can put into good use to achieve your fitness goals. SARMs have always been popular for their ability to reduce recovery time, and S23 is not any different. The drug helps your muscle tissues to sustain strenuous workouts for longer before they finally give up. And once you get tired, the drug will continue to work on the muscle tissues to get you back in training in no time. S23 can reduce your recovery time by as much as 50%!

  • Promotes Fat Loss

S23 may not be the best cutting SARM, but it still works pretty well when it comes to burning body fat. The drug increases fat oxidation, maintains steady muscle growth, and boosts bone mineral density at the same time.

S23 Dosage and Cycle Guideline

The recommended S23 dosage ranges from 5 to 20 mg per day. New users should start with just 5mg per day. You can stick to this dose for two weeks or so while monitoring your body’s response. If you do not experience any side effects, you can increase the dose to around 10mg per day for the rest of the cycle. It’s important to make sure that you do not show any side effects before increasing the dose, as this drug can be very dangerous. 

S23 cycles normally range from 6 to 8 weeks. Beginners should start with a 6-week cycle followed by a break. You can extend the cycle in the subsequent cycles if your body shows good tolerance to the drug. Never go beyond 8 weeks, though!

S23 Half-Life

S23 has a half-life of around 12 hours. To maintain high levels of the drug in your system, it’s best to split the dose into two. Therefore, if you take a dosage of 10mg per day, you should split it and take 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening. Keeping a high concentration of S23 in your body at all times helps to increase its impact on muscle growth.

S23 Side Effects

S23 is known to cause the following side effects:

  • Testosterone Suppression

S23 is highly suppressive. Some scientists are even reporting that it can be used as a male birth control pill because it also affects semen production. This is a huge problem if you are still trying to have a family. Also, suppressed testosterone production can be a huge problem when you stop taking the drug. Without enough testosterone in your system, your gains will slowly disappear, body fat will increase, and your sex life will also be affected.

Luckily, you can avoid this problem by running Post Cycle Therapy after each S23 cycle. Taking a break between the cycles also helps in restoring the normal production of semen.

  • Hair Loss

S23 is quite androgenic, and that’s why it’s also known to stimulate hair loss. The impact is much bigger if the user is already at a predisposed risk of going bald.

Some people use other supplements while on S23 cycles to avoid this problem.

  • Increased Aggression

Like we pointed out, S23 is not just comparable to steroids for its bodybuilding benefits but also for its side effects. Users will notice an increase in aggression. The good news is this problem is not as much as it is with steroids. Even then, we’ll still encourage you to monitor yourself and make sure that it does not get out of hand.

Other known side effects of S23 are:

  • Acne breakout
  • Night sweat
  • Testicular shrinkage
  • Darkened urine

S23 for Sale

The best place to buy S23 is at Proven Peptides or Science Bio. The two stores are well-known for their strict quality control policies. They provide SARMs and other research chemicals at their highest quality. All their products are tested by third-party laboratories to make sure that they are both effective and safe. The stores also have good customer support services, reasonable prices with frequent discounts, and fast delivery. 

It’s crucial to buy your SARMs from the right store because contaminated drugs can be very dangerous. This is especially important when we are talking about such a powerful drug as S23. The last thing you want is a shady S23 laced with some anabolic steroids!

IS PCT Necessary?

Yes, you must run a SARMs PCT after each S23 cycle. This is the only way to reverse the testosterone suppression that you will experience while on the drug. You must also take a short break before starting another cycle.

Can I Stack S23?

Yes, you can stack S23, but can your body handle it? SARMs stacks are not for the weak. Unless you’ve been using these drugs successfully for years, we will advise you against running any SARMs stack, especially ones involving powerful drugs like S23.

Final Thoughts

S23 is a great SARM that can increase your lean muscle mass, strength, endurance, and fat loss. The only other drugs that can rival it are anabolic steroids and maybe YK11 and RAD140. It really is an insanely powerful drug, which means it’s not a good option for beginners. S23 is only recommended to seasoned bodybuilders, and they must also be very careful when using it. Stop taking the drug immediately if you notice some side effects. Seek medical assistance if the reactions persist.