What is Trenavar? The Complete Guide for Beginners


Trenavar is chemically known as 17-dione and Estra-4 and referred to as Trendione. This is one of the most popular androgen prohormones currently available. The product is different than the pro-hormones designed to simulate bodybuilding steroids. The androgen does a lot more than mimic these effects because after consumption it is converted into Trenbolone. The product was sold legally over the counter until 2015. This was when the FDA in the United States banned all prohormones.

Despite the conversion into Trenbolone after consumption, the same conjugated double bonds are formed. The difference is in the chemical structure. The product contains a 17-ketone function as opposed to 17b-hydroxy. When the product is consumed, the 17-ketone is hydrolyzed into the active form of Trenbolone. For this reason, the product is considered extremely powerful. Trenavar is more powerful than testosterone. Users receive an incredibly fast delivery for increases in:

  • Strength
  • Muscle gain
  • Size
  • Vascularity

When the product is used, accelerated fat loss can be maintained. This androgen provides the user with numerous benefits and significant results.


Medical Background

Trenavar was launched by PHF Supplements and Innovative Body Enhancement Supplements toward the end of 2011 as a true Trenbolone prohormone. The only difference is the 17 position of the ketone. The ketone targets the 17b-HSD1 compound to create active Trenbolone. The compound has a good report with the androgen receptor, is orally bioavailable and works well as a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist.

There is a lot of power in this product. Since this is a prohormone as opposed to a steroid, it is available legally in several different countries such as the United Kingdom. Before ordering the product, the user should make certain it is legal within their country.

Health Benefits

The product offers a long list of benefits including gaining muscle mass. This can be accomplished during either the cutting or bulking phase. Muscle gains are possible due to the re-creation of androgenic effects similar to Trenbolone. Users have reported:

  • Stronger workouts
  • Improved muscle growth
  • Faster healing
  • Access to additional power

The product is effective because it enables higher nitrogen levels to be retained by the muscle tissue. Ensuring muscles stay in an anabolic state is important because vigorous exercise and workouts will deplete the stores of nitrogen. When there is not enough nitrogen in the body, protein is unable to be processed efficiently. This means when the muscles have more nitrogen, access to protein improves. The result is faster fat loss and growth in muscle gains.

The production of red blood cells is boosted by the product. This enables more oxygen to penetrate the muscles to help ensure more power and strength while working out. The extra oxygen enables muscle repair when recovering during downtime. The backing of Trenavar is good in relation to user reports and numerous studies. The supplement is used for both cutting and bulking because it enhances the muscle growth or anabolic environment in addition to offering a low rate of water retention.

A lot of the users are interested in building lean muscle mass. In this instance, the recommendation is to follow a cycle. This anabolic steroid has more power than nearly any steroid ever developed. A lot of people believe it is the most powerful steroid in existence due to both the effectiveness and results. Anyone following a cycle has the potential to gain approximately 30 pounds of pure muscle. This is an exceptional gain and partially responsible for the popularity of the product.

Side Effects

One of the biggest issues of using steroids is the side effects. The worst imaginable are referred to as estrogenic side effects. This type of side effect occurs when the testosterone levels aromatize in the body and are then converted into estrogen. The testosterone equivalent for females is estrogen. When looking at estrogen from the perspective of a bodybuilder, it is considered one of the worst side effects of them all.

The metabolism is suppressed by estrogen which enhances fat gain. The result is muscle catabolism which can cause undesirable conditions including gynecomastia. This is the reason breast tissue is developed by certain men resulting in a build-up of fatty deposits on the breasts and around the nipples. If the gynecomastia is extreme, actual breasts can be developed by men just like those normal for women.

A vascular physique is desirable for men interested in looking exceptionally ripped and lean. Although there are no benefits to vascularity regarding enhancing performance, the psychological advantage is excellent. This is what provides men with an overall ripped and lean appearance. The product helps enhance vascularity in several different ways including:

  • Helping burn off extra body fat
  • Boosting the metabolism
  • Increasing the flow of blood

When there is more blood circulating throughout the body, additional oxygen is received by the cells. This means the cells and muscles have more energy. Harder training can be performed before becoming tired due to the impact of fatigue. Another benefit of the product in enhancing strength increases. This is important for anyone dieting or cutting. Trenavar is ideal since when people lose fat, they usually lose some strength as well.

By using Trenavar, not only does the individual retain all of their strength, but it is also possible to gain even more strength. This means more strength is obtained than what the individual had before using the product. The ability to lift heavier weights is both advantageous and important because the individual can train harder while building more muscle.

One of the most efficient prohormones for anyone interested in maintaining muscle while losing fat is Trenevar. This makes the product ideal for cutting. The product is effective for losing fat before a contest or simply obtaining a ripped and lean physique. This is possible because Trenavar helps increase the metabolism while raising the temperature of the core. This means that even when in a rested state, fat is being burned.

In addition to leaving the user with a ripped body, Trenavar will not promote the retention of water. This is yet one more benefit for bodybuilders wanting an effective method to become shredded and ripped.

Side Effects

Trenavar does have some side effects. Many of them have been reported by users after completing a cycle including:

  • Headaches
  • Decreased levels of endurance
  • An increase in prolactin
  • Bad cholesterol levels
  • Bouts of lethargy and fatigue
  • Increased bouts of aggression
  • Decreased blood sugar levels resulting in dizziness, thirst, nausea and lethargy
  • Decreased thyroid levels
  • Poor blood pressure levels
  • Soreness throughout the legs
  • Strain on the heart and liver
  • Increase in sweat
  • Difficulty sleeping insomnia

Some of the above side effects will naturally disappear once the cycle has been completed.

Recommend Dosage to Take

Due to the powerful effects of Trenavar, the recommendation for anyone beginning their first cycle is to use a considerably lower dose than the more experienced users. The recommendation for beginners is a dose between 10 and 20mg per pay. Adverse side effects can be effectively minimized by splitting the dose in two. If the user has more experience and is able to handle adverse side effects, the recommended dose is between 30 and 60mg per day.

The dosage should be divided into two separate doses between 15 and 30mg each. If the user is planning to stack Trenavar, it is important to decrease the size of the dosage to between 20 and 50mg. This is dependent on the other types of prohormones used for stacking. If Trenavar is used by itself. the dosage can be increased to between 50 and 60mg per day and should be split into two separate doses. The dosage should not exceed 60mg daily.

The higher dosages are only recommended for individuals experienced with using prohormones. It is important to understand by increasing to a higher dosage of the product, the risk of severe side effects will increase. New users should consider consulting with a physician before using any supplement or stacking prohormones. This product is appropriate to stack with other prohormones. The most commonly used prohormones for stacking include:

• Equipoise
• Testosterone
• Primobolan
• Epistane

Stacking is not recommended for beginners. Experience is recommended before stacking and the product is effective by itself.

Who Should Take It?

Trenavar is a good option for bodybuilders. It is a lot more effective than traditional supplements and safer than many of the other products currently available. Trenavar offers a powerful product for anyone interested in increasing lean muscle mass, losing excess fat and obtaining a ripped body. The product is extremely popular for experienced weightlifters with tight schedules because it effectively decreases excess fat.

Using Trenavar carefully and not exceeding the recommended dosage will help decrease any adverse side effects. This product is also a good choice for anyone interested in stacking prohormones. Athletes can use the product for stronger workouts and shorter recovery periods since faster healing is promoted. Trenavar is a good choice for anyone interested in a powerful and proven product offering great results.


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