Yellow kratom: how it helps recovering addicts


If you have ever used kratom, you are most likely aware the three main veins are white, green and red. If you have not heard of yellow kratom yet it is because this is the rarest type of kratom available on the market. There are a few different theories regarding where the yellow leaves grow and are produced. The most common theory with the most weight is the strains of yellow kratom are different due to the drying technique.

The drying process is different for green and red kratom leaves. This is extremely important for both the alkaloid content and the color of the leaves. The leaves of yellow kratom are all the same. Despite this, the yellow version has a variety of different effects.

Medical benefits

You will receive different results from red, green, yellow and white kratom. White kratom is focused, energizing and uplifting. Red kratom has similar effects with higher doses offering a sedative, relaxing and calming effect. Green kratom is milder with some attributes of both red and white. Everyone is affected differently by kratom. No two people metabolize the alkaloids from the plant in exactly the same way. Kratom strains can result in feelings of tranquility and peacefulness for some.

Others experience improved optimism or a better mood. You also need to consider the specific strain and dosage. A smaller dosage often improves alertness. A larger dose offers a sublimating effect. The effect of yellow kratom has a lot of similarities with the green variety but certain effects of white kratom as well. The most common effects of yellow kratom include:

Mild Pain Relief

Yellow kratom offers relief from minor aches and pains often making it impossible to enjoy your day.

Mood Elevation

One of the best benefits of yellow kratom is mood elevation. The aroma enhances the mood resulting in a happier feeling, a greater sense of relaxation and being more at ease.

Anxiety and Depression

The yellow version is responsible for the creation of a positive and warm atmosphere. This means you will feel more relaxed and calm. The effect is not nearly as energizing as white kratom which is ideal for anyone suffering from either anxiety or depression. This is because excess energy can become agitating. The relaxed and positive atmosphere can divert your thoughts to a more positive nature to help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.


Not only is this an ideal strain to use in the morning, it is exceptionally helpful for the evening or the second half or your day. The yellow version enables you to relax and wind down after a long and stress-filled day of working, running errands or simply coping with life. Using yellow kratom at night may even help improve the quality of your sleep. This means the yellow version is just as effective in the morning as it is for a night out on the town.

The yellow leaves are not as harsh as the white but will provide you with extra energy, help lift you up, improve your mood and enhance your focus. Since you also receive some of the same effects as both red and green kratom, you can still use it effectively if you have anxiety without triggering the emotions often leading to an increase in irritability.

Popular Strains Of Yellow Kratom

Even though yellow kratom is still considered rare, the popularity is consistently increasing. This is partially due to the variety of strains available including the following.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom

One of the most popular and potent strains of kratom is Yellow Vietnam. The reason this strain is considered so rare is that an extremely specific environment is required to ensure proper growth. During the past few years, the notoriety of the Yellow Vietnam kratom has significantly increased. Another reason for the rareness is that unlike white, green and red strains, this one is only obtainable after a special drying process is used for the leaves.

Many of the farming communities are still unaware of how this process is performed. This adds to the rarity of the Yellow Vietnam kratom. The main effects are a significant boost of energy and a strong feeling of euphoria. There are some similarities between the yellow and white versions including an improvement in both motivation and focus lasting throughout the entire day.

Yellow Bali Kratom

Yellow Bali kratom is the most affordable and abundant version and the most commonly available yellow strain of kratom. This version offers you the same soothing effect of Red Bali kratom but also provides a mild boost of energy. This means it is an ideal option for both the morning and afternoon. One of the most unique qualities of this strain is an improvement in mood. This is one of the key reasons for the popularity of this variety.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom

Yellow Sumatra kratom is also very popular due to the mood-enhancing, relaxing and soothing atmosphere provided. This is a great choice if you want to relax after a long day at work but want some energy for the remainder of your day. The effects of this strain make it ideal if you are suffering from a lot of anxiety or stress on a daily basis.


There is no way to initially determine your ideal dosage because of the wide range of variables including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Physical attributes
  • Emotional attributes
  • Current diet
  • Tolerance level
  • Additional products you are taking

The most important factor is the quality of the kratom you are using, If the quality is poor, the kratom has been cut using other herbs before grinding. This means the product will be a lot weaker. You also need to take into account if you have ever used kratom before. If you have, consider starting with a similar dosage. If you are using kratom for the first time, the recommendation is beginning with just one gram. Use two grams for the second time and three grams for the third.

Most people will start to feel the full effects of the kratom at this time. If you are still not receiving the desired effects, raise your dosage to four grams. If the effect is still poor, your kratom is not high-quality.

Origins of Yellow Kratom

Kratom has been used traditionally for a minimum of 200 years. The way it is consumed still varies. Many southeast Asia cultures use the kratom trees located in their regions by pulling the leaves off the trees and chewing on them. The traditional use of kratom is different. First, the leaves are harvested. There are different techniques used after the harvest to dry the leaves. The first is called sunlit drying. After the harvest, the leaves are placed under the sun for natural drying.

When the leaves are exposed to the sun, the alkaloid properties are altered. This results in the production of effects with slightly different qualities. The second technique is indoor drying. This is when the harvested leaves are brought indoors by the harvesters. The leaves are then dried using forced air. A different variation of this technique uses UV light to dry the kratom leaves. The third method is called hybrid drying.

Using a combination of indoor and sunlight drying results in unique alkaloid properties some kratom users desire. Yellow kratom is always a combination of a minimum of two strains of kratom including green vein and red vein. Despite the slight variations of different strains, the yellow version offers a general feeling of improved wellness.


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