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What’s one of the best ways of advertising your brand and business in the market today? Partnering with a leading online publication with a commanding presence in the market. Generation Program is a leading online publication specializing in medical health and Alzheimer’s Research. We partner with different professionals in the healthcare industry to produce some of the best articles that resonate with healthcare professionals and the entire industry at large.

What does this mean to advertisers? Well, Generation Program gives you a platform to reach a very targeted audience in the healthcare industry. We have one of the most powerful readerships in the niche, and we also have a very active social media presence. This basically means that your advertisements not only reach the targeted audience, but they actually do so as soon as you want them to, which is really good, especially for time-sensitive matters like advertisements about conferences and other events. It also means that your ads get multiple exposures from our website and social media feeds, where our readers are always keen to share our posts with their colleagues.

Who Are Our Readers?

Generation Program works for pretty much everyone involved in the healthcare industry in one way or another. This includes top decision-makers as well as the healthcare givers on the ground. Our posts also speak to other stakeholders and key political leaders involved in policymaking. We have an audience of approximately 20,000 monthly visitors, which continues to grow steadily with each passing month. Our email subscribers currently stand at 3,500 and rising, which effectively means we can do a very successful email blast for you.

Here is a breakdown of who our readers are and why they love us:

Physicians and Nurses – Physicians and nurses make up the biggest percentage of our readers. That’s simply because we’ve proved to be a very reliable source of different healthcare issues and topics that they deal with on a daily basis in their workplaces. For instance, drug addiction and rehabilitation are some of our focus areas. Opioid addiction, alcoholism, and other drug addiction problems continue to pose a serious public health issue in our community. Physicians and nurses are forced to deal with overdose cases involving different drugs every day. We’ve made it our business to research and provide valuable information on the different “trending drugs/research chemicals” being used by teenagers. This helps the healthcare providers and institutions stay in touch with what’s happening on the ground and hence come up with better responses. We also keep physicians and nurses updated with the emerging trends in medicine. This is actually one of our hottest topics and not just for physicians and nurses but also other healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

  • Healthcare Executives

Health Care Executives such as Practice Administrators, CEOs, and CFO’s are regular visitors to our website. We also partner with them to improve the industry. Generation Program gives healthcare executives updates on what’s going on in the industry. We have a large community of physicians, nurses, and other caregivers who share ideas on what’s happening in different parts of the region, the challenges they face, and some of the strategies they employ to resolve different issues. Healthcare executives also use our infrastructure regularly to communicate key decisions and updates. This is done through our website, and social media feeds. Therefore, by advertising with us, your message and brand will also reach some of the top decision-makers in the healthcare industry.

  • Insurance Providers

Insurance providers have to stay updated with what’s happening in the field to stay ahead of issues such as insurance fraud and also to develop new products and services for this ever-evolving market. What other better way to stay updated in the healthcare industry than reading the leading online publications? Generation Program is one of those publications, and that’s why insurance providers are part of our powerful readership.

  • Home Care Givers

Alzheimer’s research is one of Generation Program’s main topics of interest. Most people with Alzheimer’s disease rely on home care givers to take care of them. Therefore, we work closely with caregivers in trying to promote Alzheimer’s research. We provide caregivers with some important expert-reviewed articles to help them understand the condition better and how they can overcome some of the issues they face in this very challenging practice. They also provide us with some of their findings, which help us advance our efforts in Alzheimer’s research. It’s a win-win situation.

  • Medical Students

Medical students use Generation Program’s website, and social media feeds to stay in touch with what’s happening in the industry. We provide them with some valuable research, especially on Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, medical students love us because staffing companies and professionals like corporate human resource department heads are also part of our affluent readership. Through Generation Program, students learn of skills that are in high demand as well as company policies that can affect their decisions on which specialties to choose and the institutions to work in. We help them improve their skills and employability. You really need to partner with us if students are part of your target audience.

Some of our other readers are Social Workers, Business Executives of health-related institutions, Political Leaders, Corporate Executives, Employee Benefits Managers, Discharge Planners, Researchers, Nursing Home Administrators, Information Systems Managers, Marketing Departments, Material Managers, and Staffing Companies.

Why Advertise with Generation Program?

Big Audience

Generation Program has a growing audience that will help you reach a larger percentage of your target. Our website has more than 20,000 monthly visitors. We have over 3,500 email subscribers. We also have a very commanding social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can choose to advertise on any or all of these platforms.

Targeted Audience

Successful advertisements are the ones that reach the specific target they were intended for. When you partner with us, you know that your message and brand will be exposed to healthcare professionals. This means that your message will not be going to an ambiguous audience but a highly-targeted one. Therefore, you will get the exact reaction or coverage that you want.

Competitive and Flexible Pricing

Generation Program offers competitive prices that will help you get the coverage or sales you want without breaking your bank. We also have flexible plans to choose from. This means that organizations with different financial muscles can find a package that works for them perfectly.

We Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

We understand our audience very well. We also have a great understanding of the healthcare industry, and that’s why we are a leading online publication in this niche. Therefore, we can help you adjust your advertisements and marketing strategies to get the best results. Just reach out to us, let us know what your organization is about, the services or equipment you want to market, and what you hope to achieve from your advertisement. We’ll be glad to give you some key pointers to help you achieve the desired outcome. After all, it’s in our best interest that you have a successful marketing campaign with us because your success is also our success.

Advertising Opportunities

Generation Program provides a number of advertising opportunities across all our platforms. You are free to choose any of these opportunities:

  • Sponsored Articles – We accept sponsored articles on all health-related topics. We can post these articles on our home page to give them the biggest coverage possible. For quality purposes, we have guidelines that must be adhered to when writing a sponsored article. Check out our Write for Us guide for more information on this. You’ll also see some of the topics that you can cover in the sponsored article.
  • Email Blasts – Email advertising is a very targeted marketing approach. It even allows you to personalize and optimize your advertisement for the best results. Generation Program can do monthly email blasts for you. Your message is guaranteed to reach our 3500+ engaged subscribers.
  • Social Media Blasts – We can promote your articles and business through our growing social media connections. Social Media is also a great way of promoting upcoming events, breaking news, and sharing important information as it happens. We can help you out with that.

We can also do Directory Listing, Email Newsletter, and Webpage Ads. Contact us for more advertising opportunities and pricing information.