Ostarine (MK2866) Review: Benefits, Side Effects and Dosages

Years ago, bodybuilders used to risk everything to get the gains they want and the perfect body fat percentage. By everything, I mean literally everything because if there’s anything everyone knows about steroids is their nasty side effects. Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS) were linked to serious and fatal adverse reactions such as kidney failure, liver toxicity and failure, enlarged prostate, stroke, and even sudden death. Due to the lack of options, athletes would put their lives on the line to get lean muscle gains, shred fat, and increase endurance.

That was the bodybuilding scene until SARMs entered the market. With these new performance enhancers, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts enjoy the vast benefits of steroids but without the side effects. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but it is true, and there are thousands of bodybuilders across the world already reaping the benefits of these compounds. Ostarine is a great example of such a drug.

What is Ostarine Mk2866?

Ostarine is an incredible performance enhancer belonging to a group of drugs known as SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It is also popularly known by the names Enobasarm or MK 2866.
Ostarine was developed by GTx Inc. It is currently available as a research drug, so it is not legal for human consumption. The drug was developed to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting in individuals with chronic conditions such as cancer and AIDs. In their studies, scientists discovered the impressive effects of Ostarine on muscle mass. Not only did it fight muscle wasting, but it actually triggered an increase in lean muscle mass. In addition to that, the researchers observed a general improvement in physical performance. This inevitably led to a spike in its popularity in the bodybuilding industry.

What is a SARM?

SARMs such as Ostarine are a new class of performance enhancers that act on androgen receptors in our bodies. However, unlike steroids and other similar drugs that wreak havoc throughout the body, SARMs are extremely selective, as the name suggests, and that’s why they are miles ahead of steroids. These drugs act on the androgen receptors on the bone and muscle tissues leaving other organs in the body untouched. As a result, the users get to enjoy the specific benefits they want without dealing with severe adverse reactions, as is the case with anabolic steroids.

How Does Ostarine Work?

Ostarine, just like other SARMs, targets the selective androgen receptors in the muscle and bone tissues. It was formulated to do so to prevent muscle wasting and osteoporosis. However, unlike some of the other SARMs, Ostarine MK2866 is much milder, and this can be both a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

As a beginner, the mild nature of Ostarine is highly welcomed. That’s because it introduces you to the new world of performance enhancers without overwhelming your body. It allows you to get accustomed to these drugs in a gentle manner before you can take your game to the next level with more powerful SARMs like Ligandrol 4033 and RAD140.
On the flip side, the mild nature of Ostarine can be a deal-breaker for the seasoned bodybuilders who are used to these drugs. For instance, if you are already used to running a 10-week Ligandrol cycle using 10mg per day, then you’ll definitely feel the down step when you replace it with Ostarine.

That shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that Ostarine is useless for experienced bodybuilders, though. MK2866 can still come very handy, especially when you want to run a stack of several SARMs. For instance, a good number of bodybuilders run an LGD 4033 + MK 2866 stack during their bulking cycles. This increases the results significantly. Also, Ostarine can be used alongside a cutting SARM, such as Cardarine during cutting cycles. It will help you to keep and even increase lean muscle gains as you continue to burn fat.

Benefits of Ostarine

Some of the Ostarine results you can expect are:

1. Lean Muscle Gains

Ostarine was developed to fight muscle wasting, but it actually ended up being so effective that it stimulated lean muscle growth. The SARM will help you gain more muscle mass within a shorter period and with less effort. It’s, therefore, very useful, especially if you’ve hit your plateau.

Using Ostarine MK 2866 alongside a proper workout plan and diet can help you gain between 5 to 15 pounds of muscle within a single Ostarine cycle (results will always vary from one user to the next). Now, that may not sound like a lot when you compare it to other more potent SARMs, but it’s still a great outcome considering you are using a mild and friendly drug.

2. Speeds up Recovery from Muscle and Bone Injuries

Ostarine is known to activate stem cells that facilitate efficient muscle regeneration. This is very useful in speeding up recovery from muscle injuries such as tears.
The SARM also works on the bone tissues to increase bone density. Not only does this promote recovery from bone-related injuries, but it also reduces the risk of such injuries in the future. You’ll no longer be prone to fractures, and this should give you the extra boost you need to work out for longer and with higher intensity.

ostarine benefits

3. Enhanced Fat Loss

Fat loss is critical if you want your gains to standout. However, finding the ideal strategy that will burn the fat without eating into your valuable lean mass gains can be very difficult. Ostarine is one of the few SARMs that can help you with that. In fact, it will also stimulate some muscle growth during your cutting cycles, so you’ll basically be killing two birds with a single stone. The drug achieves this by increasing your metabolic rate and stimulating your body to utilize the excess stored fat as an energy source.

I must say that Ostarine is not the most powerful cutting SARM. Therefore, if you are looking for drastic fat loss results, you may want to check out some other options, perhaps Cardarine. Better yet, you can include Ostarine in a cutting cycle stack.

4. Increased Energy and Stamina

Ostarine increases your body’s energy and stamina levels. It helps your muscle tissue to take more strenuous workouts for a longer duration. This should bring you closer to your fitness goals even when you are operating on tight timelines.

Ostarine Dosage and Cycle

Most people use between 10 to 25mg of Ostarine per day. Beginners should start small with just 10 mg or even 5mg and gradually increase the dosage if they do not demonstrate any signs of severe adverse reactions.

Ostarine is usually taken in a cycle of between 8 to 10 weeks. Again, start at the lower end of the scale if you are a beginner. This gives your body some time to get acclimated to the new compound before you can run a longer Ostarine cycle.

Ostarine Half-Life
Ostarine has a half-life of around 24 hours, which means a single dose is enough until the next day. Note that even though Ostarine is mild and friendly to the body, taking more than is required does not mean you will get better results. If anything, it increases the risk of side effects.

Side Effects of Ostarine Mk 2866

Ostarine is a safe SARM for the most part, but it can still produce some side effects. The side effects are particularly common if the Ostarine you are taking is low quality or contaminated. They can also happen when you abuse Ostarine by using it in high doses or for extended periods of time without taking a break.

In such cases, some of the side effects that may occur are:

  • Testosterone suppression
  • Hair shedding
  • Sleep-related issues
  • Joint aches
  • Constipation
  • Stomach aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased hunger
  • Liver damage
  • Back acne

It’s critical that you use high-quality Ostarine as directed. Don’t get carried away and overdose the drug; otherwise, you will find yourself in big trouble. Also, if you experience the side effects even when you are using low doses, stop taking it, and seek medical assistance right away.

Can I Stack Ostarine?

Yes, you can stack Ostarine with other SARMs for better and faster results. However, stacks are only recommended to experienced bodybuilders who have been using SARMs successfully for some time.
Some of the common SARMs stack involving Ostarine are:
SARMs Bulking Stack – Ostarine + Ligandrol. You can also include Ibutamoren MK677 in the stack.

SARMs Cutting Stack – Ostarine + Cardarine. Andarine S4 can be added for more drastic results.

Ostarine for Sale

So, where should you buy Ostarine? The recommended SARMs vendors where you are guaranteed to get high-quality Ostarine are Proven Peptides and Science.bio. These guys provide the best SARMs in the market. Quality is never compromised here, and they even go as far as submitting their compounds to third-party testing to make sure nothing is left to chance. This way, you get to use quality products that are not just effective but also safe.

Is PCT Necessary After an Ostarine Cycle?

Being a mild SARM, it’s easy to ignore post cycle therapy after using Ostarine MK 2866. However, I’d like to encourage you to always run PCT and take a break after using this or any other SARM. This is a great practice that will help you stay on the safe side at all times. Remember, PCT helps restore normal hormonal levels and reverse any testosterone suppression that you may have experienced during the cycle.

Final Thoughts

As you can already tell, Ostarine is an incredible Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator that works so well for beginners because it is mild yet effective. Seasoned athletes can also take advantage of the mild nature of this SARM to stack it alongside other more potent bulking or cutting SARMs to achieve insane results.
Do not make the mistake of misusing MK 2866 simply because we are calling it mild, though. The consequences will be dire, so follow the dosage and cycle guidelines carefully and stop taking it immediately if you experience any complications.