The 3 Best Testosterone Boosters For Building Muscle


If you are of the male gender, several traits define you. Your masculinity, sex drive, and the ability to produce sperm cells are examples of what makes you a man. Did you know that testosterone is the hormone responsible for maintaining these mannish features?

Other than producing hundreds of thousands of sperm cells every minute, the testicles make about six testosterone milligrams daily. Your body uses the testosterone accordingly to increase libido, increase muscle mass, and lighten up your mood, among other purposes.

However, testosterone levels reduce with age. You can use testosterone boosters to increase the hormone levels and take control of your control of life. But first of all, what are testosterone boosters?

Medical Background

Testosterone is a hormone that testicles and ovaries produce. Women, however, have relatively low levels of the hormone. In both men and women, the hormone helps in the growth and repair of reproductive tissue, intensification of bone and muscle mass and general health. Testosterone production in the body triples at adolescence but declines at an annual rate of 2% after thirty years.

The Organon group famously became the first association of chemists to isolate the testosterone hormone back in 1935. Two years later, Leopold Ruzicka, a Nobel Prize winner, was able to synthesis testosterone. In the same year, the hormone became commercially available, and users could administer it orally.

Over the years, different forms of testosterone have become available, the oldest being methyltestosterone. Other forms include testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate, whose popularity surged in the ’50s. The most current form is testosterone undecanoate, whose use started over thirty-five years ago.

Best Testosterone Boosters

While there are quite a few forms of commercially available testosterone, the brands are in the hundreds. Each promises sound results within the shortest possible time. So, what is the answer to “how to choose the best testosterone booster?”

The best testosterone booster for you depends on your age and the reason you are using the supplement. Additionally, it would help if you stick to a booster with minimal side effects. Here are three boosters that are worth checking out:


Testogen is a powerful testosterone booster promising positive results in approximately four weeks. If your testosterone levels are too low, you might experience increased energy in less than a fortnight. Its price is fair enough to provide you with all benefits of testosterone and additional extras without hurting your pockets.


The ingredients of this booster include:

• Boron
• D-aspartic acid
• Fenugreek extract
• Nettle leaf extract
• Magnesium
• Panax red ginseng
• Vitamin B6, D, and K12
• Zinc

As seen from its composition, Testogen works by providing the body with the resources it needs to produce greater amounts of testosterone. Thus, using it is more beneficial compared to complements that contain testosterone. By increasing the sex hormones production, a user can enjoy numerous benefits without worrying about side effects.

How to Take It

The manufacturers of this hormonal supplement present it in the form of a capsule. Ideally, you should take four of them a day, twenty minutes before taking breakfast. In a matter of weeks, its positive benefits should manifest in your body.

While this booster has few known side effects, it is a good idea to discontinue for a week or two after a month’s use. Doing so ensures that you do not permanently disrupt the normal production of testosterone in the body.

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TestRX presents a superior testosterone booster with numerous benefits, including increased muscle mass and better sexual performance. In as few as three weeks, users begin enjoying the benefits of the supplement. However, it may take two months to realize the long term benefits. Should you see no tangible benefits from the supplement, you are free to request a refund within sixty-seven days.

The ingredients present in this supplement are more or less the same as those in an ideal testosterone booster. They are:

• D-Aspartic acid
• Magnesium
• Vitamin D3, B6, and K12
• Zinc
• Zinc monomethionine aspartate (ZMA)

The two major merits of TestRX over other booster are that it contains no testosterone and includes ZMA as a core ingredient. Zinc monomethionine aspartate has a variety of health merits other than boosting testosterone levels. It boosts immunity, aids in muscle growth, and improves the quality of your sleep.

How to Take It

To reap the maximum benefits of this booster, you should take four pills daily. However, optimal results require you to take two pills with breakfast and the remaining two with dinner. As with most superb testosterone boosters, you should not experience side effects with the correct dosage.

Prime Male

Prime Male is an ideal testosterone booster for users more than thirty years of age. With more than four years in the market, this supplement consisting of 100% natural ingredients helps men boost testosterone levels and improve their quality of life.
But what is this supplement made of? Well, a complete list of its ingredients features:

• Boron
• BioPerine
• D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate
• Korean Red Ginseng
• Luteolin
• Magnesium
• Mucuna Pruriens
• Nettle Root
• Vitamin B6, D3, and K12
• Zinc

Undoubtedly, Prime Male contains the most extensive collection of ingredients, which is among its myriad benefits. It also sets itself apart from steroids by excluding testosterone in its constituents. It teaches the body how to produce more testosterone and increase its levels gradually.

How to Take It

If you settle on this supplement as your testosterone booster of choice, you should take four pills a day. Remember to space them out through your schedule such that you take only one pill at a time.

As it does not increase hormones directly, this supplement has no major side effects. However, its creators had users who were at least thirty years old in mind. But low testosterone levels can affect any age. Thus, if a younger person prefers it, they should consult a doctor. The same applies to prospective users with existing medical conditions.

Health Benefits

If you are contemplating using a hormonal supplement to boost your testosterone levels, several benefits await you. Of course, people with normal testosterone levels already have all the benefits and have no reason to increase the hormone’s production. Merits of restoring normal levels include:

Better Blood Circulation

Testosterone helps increase red blood cell production. Further, it may help widen your healthy arteries. Coupled in one, these two benefits allow body tissues to receive a better oxygen supply.

Increased Sex Drive

While increased testosterone levels may not help with erectile dysfunction, they increase endurance and sexual arousal responses. Simply put, your performance in bed improves with increases in testosterone levels.

Increased Bone and Muscle Mass

Weak bones place you at the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis. Testosterone increases bone density and keeps such problems at bay.

Improved Memory

Testosterone may sharpen your mind and improve your verbal memory. In the long-term, you may face reduced risks of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Better Quality Of Life

Depression is one of the known adverse effects of reduced testosterone levels. After restoring the hormone to normal levels, you should experience less fatigue and a generally good mood. Moreover, you may start having a better sleep leading to an improved quality of life.

Side Effects

Testosterone boosters, especially the ones listed earlier, are primarily harmless substances. As long as you have a low testosterone level, meaning your body requires more, you should experience no testosterone side effects.

However, overdosing may cause acne, premature baldness, and mood swings. It may also result in lower abdominal pains. Should you be a victim, be sure to get your blood tested to confirm your testosterone levels are normal.

It is also worth noting that over-reliance on boosters may adversely affect the body’s ability to produce testosterone. Thus, your body fails to produce the hormone unless you use the supplement. As earlier advised, you should take a week’s break after taking the booster for a month.

Recommend Dosage to Take

Every testosterone booster has a recommended dosage, usually indicated on the container. Most manufacturers only indicate the number of pills you need to take daily and at what times.

However, remember that the body normally produces 6mg of testosterone per day. Your dosage should not exceed this quantity. Thus, an ideal daily intake ranges between 2 – 4mg. Overdosing may permanently destroy the natural mechanism by which the body synthesizes testosterone.

Who Should Take It?

Ideally, testosterone levels begin to drop when one is thirty years old. Thus, individuals of this age with symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and low libido can take testosterone boosters.

However, low testosterone levels know no age. Therefore, younger people can also take hormonal supplements if a doctor deems it advantageous. However, teenage boys should avoid boosters unless a doctor prescribes otherwise.



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